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We have years of experience in cleaning commercial and residential windows

Established and experienced home window cleaners that perform the job of washing commercial and house windows every day. We plan for every job and assign our best team according to the specific expertise needed. Well-equipped with the latest, most-advanced tools and technology to ensure each window is cleaned in a timely manner, expertly, efficiently and safely.

We clean all sizes and types, at any height! We also provide high pressure cleaning, building and facade wash-downs, solar panel cleaning, sign washing, mineral stain removal, glass restoration, window graffiti removal, glass shower screen restoration, cobweb prevention, glass protective coatings, window flyscreen repair and more.

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Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Our Window Services


Residential Window Cleaning

We provide a high quality, guaranteed, professional window cleaning service, without the mess. We have the tools and equipment needed to reach hidden spots and areas which you may not have noticed during your regular cleaning. We go the extra mile by getting rid of those messy high cob webs, washing frames and cleaning flyscreens. We can also clean your shower screens, regular cleaning will prevent damage caused by hard water stains.

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Construction workers are not generally trained to clean window panes and hardware properly either during or after the process of construction is completed. Our team of professional window cleaner will remove all construction debris from window frames, panes and track as well as clean any type of debris splatted on glass during the construction process such as silicone, stickers, paint, plaster, render and concrete marks without causing scratch or damage to the glass surfaces.

Apartment Window Cleaning

Clean, spotless windows can make apartments look more attractive. We know how to remove stubborn and tough stains, dirt marks and grime from windows, tracks, fly-screens, hardware, frames and even façades to achieve uniform cleanliness of all windows. Contact our team of experts today!

Hotel Window Cleaning

Most hotels have a large number of windows compared to other commercial buildings or establishments and it is essential to keep them clean, dirt-free and spotless to impress guests with impeccable maintenance and high cleaning standards. Window cleaning of hotels is a specialised task and demands handling by experts so that windows.

Office and Shop Front Window Cleaning

Do first impressions count? Yes! Having your retail windows clean says volumes about your brand. Dirty windows in a store display can affect business as customers cannot properly see what is being sold. Dirty windows in an office can negatively impact the opinion of customers and employees. Our retail window cleaning customers rely on us to keep their business sparkling, to save them time and make their best impression.

School and University Window Cleaning

School premises are generally kept very neat and tidy but the glass is one area that’s commonly neglected. It is important to keep windows and associated areas clean and spotless to enhance the overall look of the school. Keeping windows clean and dirt-free is a challenging task which can only be handled by professional window cleaners. We guarantee a consistent, high quality, thorough cleaning job each and every time for impeccable results.

Showroom Window Cleaning

In a car dealership, windows grab the attention of visitors instantly because they will be looking through these panes at their favourite cars. Dirt or grime on your showroom windows can negatively impact business and future prospects. Our team are experts in showroom window cleaning as these window panes are taller and wider than other types of commercial establishments. We will make your showroom windows shine and sparkle. We will ensure that there are no stains or streaks left behind on the display windows so that customers have a clear view your products.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Our high rise cleaning experts use specialised equipment to access and clean the windows of tall buildings. Because window cleaning in high rise buildings can be a dangerous task without proper training, they are specially trained in the methods and techniques that are involved in the high rise cleaning process. Our high rise cleaning staff are used to cleaning the windows of hotels, resorts, shopping centres, and universities. They use products that remove hard water stains, salt residue, dust and pollen. The products they use do not leave streaks or soapy residue on the windows. We also offer interior window cleaning services for high rise buildings.

Our Pricing Options


Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning


  • Cleaning Assessment
  • Flyscreen Cleaning
  • Window Sill Cleaning
  • Window Track Cleaning
  • Cobweb Removal


  • Cleaning of Skylights
  • Internal Glass Balustrades
  • Shower Screens
  • Pool Fencing
  • Solar Panels and more...


  • Cleaning Assessment
  • Flyscreen Cleaning
  • Window Sill Cleaning
  • Window Track Cleaning
  • Cobweb Removal


  • High Rise Cleaning

We offer extras cleaning services, please enquire for more details.


Solar panels become dirty due to mineral deposits from rain, bird droppings, and other airborne pollutants and may lose up to 25% of their solar energy output.


Keep your signage shiny, they are your the visual representation of your business.

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